Aire Limpio en edificios de alta eficiencia energética

Ventilation of the buildings is very important for a healthy environment, good living, working and efficient activity for users, but also for good and long duration preservation of the building – no moisture.

Combining improved Canadian well, heat recovery, and heat pump we can supply energy and air supply systems very efficiently, with low energy consumption and costs for the building and its users.

Canadian well is a system that heats/cools air from the exterior supply through the ground passage in specific pipes: air temperature of -15⁰C is naturally heated by the ground to 3-5⁰C in winter and in summer is cooled from 36⁰C to 26-27⁰C with an electric consume of 30-40W per hour.

A heat exchanger transfers heat/cool from building internal air to already conditioned external air by Canadian well to 15-17⁰C in winter and to 25-26⁰C in summer.

The heat pump supplies the difference of heat/cool to the air-conditioned from the Canadian well and the heat exchanger to the desired temperature level by the users.

That way ground does the most heating/cooling effort for the building and the energy consumed – which is electric – is drastically reduced. If the electric energy is from a renewable source, the building becomes a “Zero Energy Building”.