Minerai de manganèse

Manganèse Ore will have the following specifications: Mn 52/55% content


MOISTURE: Free moisture loss at 105° (One Hundred and Five) degrees centigrade shall be maximum 3 .0% or lower. The dry quantity shall be determined by deducting the free moisture referred.


Moisture: Max. 3%.

Specific Radioactivity: LESS THAN 0.5% Thorium and Uranium (NOT CLASSED AS CLASS 7)

Produit: Granules, 5mm – 100 mm ore.

No requirements for other impurities No foreign inclusions visible with a naked eye shall be allowed.

4. PACKING: 1 tone big bags, suitable for long-distance transportation, securely closed


6. OFFICIAL PLACE OF TRANSACTION: Ex bond warehouse client destination port

7. CONTRACT PERIOD: 36 months, with rolls and extensions subject to satisfactory performance on each previous shipment.

8. QUANTITY: 2000 MT trial and thereafter increasing per month, subject to the satisfactory completion of the previous month’s consignment.

9. LE PRIX DU CONTRAT: after LOi with quantity and period


  1. Le vendeur envoie un FCO signé à l'acheteur:
  2. L'acheteur signe et renvoie le FCO au vendeur:
  3. Le vendeur délivre un contrat à l'acheteur:
  4. L'acheteur signe le contrat et le retourne au vendeur:
  5. Le vendeur signe le contrat final et le renvoie à l'acheteur:
  6. L'acheteur sécurisera l'instrument bancaire comme garantie de paiement ( Contenu téléchargeable, BG, SBLC)
  7. Vendeur dans 21 jours commence l'expédition au port de chargement, acheteur de destination entrepôt désigné.

Title and possession will move to the Buyer upon FULL payment for the manganese ore.


A Complete set of Clean Warehouse Holding Certificates issued by the appointed buyer bond warehouse at destination port including 1 (one) original and 1 copie

  • A Final Commercial Invoice based on the price herein and on the Certificates of Quality and Quantity issued by Inspection Company at destination port (or equivalent) in 1 (one) original and 1 copie, indicating the contract number.
  • A Final Certificate of Quality issued by Inspection Company at destination port in 1 (one) originals and 4 (four) copies showing the actual result of the chemical composition of the ore and all other tests called for in this contract and indicating all seal numbers.

Export Permit issued by Ministry of Mines Zambia

Certificate of Origin issued by ZRA Zambia

Original Master BL


Les termes et conditions de ce contrat seront confirmés par l'Acheteur et le Vendeur par e-mail ou par fax et ledit contrat sera considéré comme légal et agira également comme une conduite qui a des engagements légaux entre l'acheteur et le vendeur., l'original du contrat pourra être mis à disposition et échangé


Cet accord incluant les conditions générales jointes en Annexe 1, supersedes any and all prior representations and agreements and represents the entire agreement between the parties for this transaction. No changes, alterations, or substitutions shall be permitted unless the same shall be notified in writing and signed by both parties.

The contract is valid for 90 working days from the date of the presentation.

This document is signed and accepted by the parties named below. By signing below, both parties execute this contract under full penalty of perjury