Department of Green Energy from our group is a specialist in energy consulting. We provide independent analysis, insights, and advice on various energy-related challenges faced by commercial, institutional, and government clients.
We have also equipment. We work closely with clients to provide them with the tools needed to make sound business decisions about their energy needs.
Our team brings together years of international and local experience across a range of sectors including wholesale energy markets, policy, and regulation, solar power projects, building management, energy procurement, and energy networks.
Each team member is a specialist in their field, offering clients the expertise, experience, and knowledge they need to solve complex energy problems.
Together, we provide clients with a comprehensive and strategic approach to energy management not found elsewhere in the market today.

We specialize in:

Technical and economic analysis of energy projects

Regulatory and policy consultancy

Consultancy for Tender development and procurement of solar, energy storage, and efficiency solutions

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