Trattamento delle acque per una maggiore produzione di ortaggi

By treating water in a microwave environment for different energy and time levels we observed big differences in seeds fecundity and development plant speeds and volume. Anche, by increasing the volume of hydrogen in water through electrolysis of part of that water, we observed the same increase in seed fecundity and growth efficiency. By introducing water nitrogen at the nano level, the nitrogen – a plant fertilizer – is released during 2-5 weeks at the root level. Anche, by introducing oxygen at the nano level in the water, the root of the plant will be much better supplied, thus reducing pests at the root level, and also increasing plant resistance to disease and parasitic attacks. By combining these techniques, it can be obtained better results for the crops. Our project focuses on finding scientifically the proportions of each technique and producing installations for farmers.
Ciò che è UNICO rispetto allo stato dell'arte/concorrenti del mercato?

Market state of art/competitors base their increase in production on additive chemistry (chemical fertilizers, insecticide) that have the effect of poisoning the ground and the bodies of consumers. Our solutions naturally increase plant efficiency in fecundity, health, natural resistance to pests, and production volume by increasing water quality and its positive energy.