High Efficiency and Environment responsible Heat Pump

High efficiency and environment-responsible heat pump

–Heat pumps become more and more demanded and installed on worldwide markets.

Improving them in order to reduce electric energy consumption or emission danger become important. Also, finding solutions to supply the heat from the environment or technology without digging ground wells, deep ground holes, or large surface groundworks is not only important but also less expensive in matters of equipment, works, land use and abuse, environment, time and money.

I have several solutions for improving heat pump efficiency, construction costs, and complexity.

One of them is changing the common compressor working with the liquid phase of the refrigerator by a compressor working with a gaseous phase of the refrigerator. The construction is based on high efficient propeller and vortex device.

Also, by changing the common refrigerator which presents dangerous effects on the atmosphere with the CO2 refrigerator, the efficiency of the heat pump increases and the danger to the atmosphere disappears.

Another solution is using shore sea water for extracting heat for the heat pump to heat the water and cool the air in the hotel/house rooms, in the summer – holiday season. In order to reduce the influence on the environment – sea water -, the return of the water after extracting heat by the heat pump is through an artesian fountain, which gives heat recovery to the return water and artistic effect.
I have a solution of heat pump using energy from hybrid solar panels, photovoltaic and heat panels, where the heat harvested from Sun by the Photovoltaic is absorbed by the heat exchanger panel mounted under the photovoltaic one, it chills the photovoltaic and makes it increase efficiency production in hot hours.

All these solutions are enhanced by storage of the heat in tanks included in the heating installation.

Another source to deliver heat to a heat pump is the wastewater installation prior to delivering it to canalization, heat that can be extracted through some equipment to be introduced in the heat pump input installation.

Due to the actual cost of energy – natural gas and electricity – extremely high, alternative heating solutions become relevant with a lower return of investment than in normal energy prices times, which turns them into opportunities.