Minerals Identification

Our team consists of 60 scientists (physicists, geologists, chemists, engineers, mathematicians, and scientists of space and nuclear technologies).

We have combined the knowledge of all these 60 scientists in one project and using nuclear magnetic resonance technology, space and nuclear technologies we have created a Unique, modern and effective technology of remote minerals deposits identification such as hydrocarbons, gold, copper, ... any kind of metals, diamonds, and water.

This technology refers to direct methods of mineral deposit identification using the effect of nuclear magnetic resonance.

Our technology is 50 times faster and provides significant savings of funds than all classic exploration methods. It provides a significantly higher effectiveness of survey.
- We can significantly reduce R&D costs of any petroleum and mining company.

- Our technology can result in very high development dynamics for any petroleum and mining company.

Please find a short presentation in the attached file.

For any other information and if you are interested in our proposal, please don’t hesitate to contact me.