Generator electric cu magneți permanenți

High-intensity permanent magnets increase the magnetic field of alternators and reduce the mechanical energy to be driven. Prin urmare, coupling a motor and a permanent magnet alternator it can be obtained more energy than the one consumed for making it work. Coupled with an inverter, the energy is supplied in good quality for most residential and industrial devices.

Ce este UNIC în comparație cu concurenții de ultimă generație ale pieței?

Out technology focuses on high-efficiency electric generation by using permanent magnets in alternators and reducing electric energy consumption for this process. There are not many alternators with permanent magnet producers and there is a great need on the market for systems to reduce energy bills and network dependency. We focus on 3-5kW devices, 10-15kW ones, și 50 kW.

We are in the final stage of prototype and testing with 10kW and 4 kW devices.